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Three Study Programs on Buddhism and Meditation

NMHThe General Program provides a basic introduction to Buddhist teachings that is ideal for beginners. Classes emphasize how to practically integrate Buddha's teachings into our daily lives in order to help us become more peaceful, confident, happy individuals. Everyone is welcome and there is no committment. Please feel to drop in for one class or a series of classes.

JPThe Foundation Program provides practitioners with the opportunity to deepen their understanding and experience of Buddha's teachings through the systematic study of six of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's text. Students enroll for one term at a time and try to make a committment of attending each class to get the most out of the program. classes consist of chanted prayers, meditation, teachings, and group discussion. 


Guide to Dakini LandThe Teacher Training Program was designed for those wishing to become qualified teachers of Kadampa Buddhism. It involves the study of twelve of Venerable Geshe Kelsang  Gyatso's texts covering both Sutra and Tantra. TTP students are expected to observe a number of committments and complete several meditation retreats throughout the year. Currently there is no TTP Program in Iowa but we hope to implement the program in the future. 

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Meditation classes in Iowa & Three Study Programs on Buddhism and Meditation.