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Detailed Explanation:

The extensive fulfilling and restoring ritual of the Dharma Protector, the great king Dorje Shugdän, in conjunction with Mahakala, Kalarupa, Kalindewi,and other Dharma Protectors.

This practice consists of five parts: Praise to Manjushri, the Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa, Self-generation as Heruka, the Fulfilling and Restoring Ritual of the General Protectors, and the Fulfilling and Restoring Ritual of the Great KingDorje Shugdän. Of these, the last is the principal practice.

A Dharma Protector is an emanation of a Buddha or a Bodhisattva whose main functions are to avert the inner and outer obstacles that prevent practitioners from gaining spiritual realizations, and to arrange all the necessary conditions for their practice. Beings in this present time have a strong karmic link with Dorje Shugdän, and so he is the Dharma Protector who is most able to help them.

Therefore it is said that, Now is the time to rely upon Dorje Shugdän. Dorje Shugdän always helps, guides, and protects pure and faithful practitioners by granting blessings, increasing their wisdom, fulfilling their wishes, and bestowing success on all their virtuous activities.

There are many brief and middling-length sadhanas of Dorje Shugdän, such as Heart Jewel and Wishfulfilling Jewel. This extensive sadhana is called Kangso in Tibetan, which means Fulfilling and Restoring Ritual, and it is usually performed once a month in Dharma Centres.

During this puja we make extensive offerings and perform other practices:
To fulfil our heart commitment to rely upon the Protector sincerely, regarding him as inseparable from the Guru and Yidam, and to practise the pure Dharma of Lamrim, Lojong, and Mahamudra.

To restore any degenerate or broken commitments we may have incurred.
We begin the practice with Praise to Manjushri to remember that the Guru and Protector are in reality emanations of the Wisdom Buddha. We then perform the Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa and, after dissolving the Guru into our heart, perform self-generation as Heruka.

We then invite the general Dharma Protectors such as Mahakala, Kalarupa, and Kalindewi, before beginning the actual sadhana of Dorje Shugdän. The fulfilling and restoring ritual of the general Protectors is interwoven with the sadhana of Dorje Shugdän.

Further information on the Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa and on the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugdän can be found in the book Heart Jewel, and further information on self-generation as Heruka can be found in the book Essence of Vajrayana.

These are extensive prayers to help us gain good fortune, remove negativity from our mind & gain positive energy. During the prayers we make offerings of food (tsog) to our Spiritual Guide as someone who protects our progress on the spiritual path.

These are set out very beautifully on plates on a table in front of the shrine before the prayers start. The purpose of making food offerings is to improve our mind of giving. You are welcome to bring your own offerings.

After food offerings we make prayers to remove any obstacles that may arise on our spiritual path & to protect us from losing the positive states of mind we have already attained. 

After the prayers some food is set aside to give to others and then we share the rest over a drink & chat. This is an opportunity for people attending classes to spend relaxed time with each other, share experiences of applying Buddha’s teachings in busy daily life, and to go home renewed, inspired and refreshed.

The prayers take approx 3.5 hours with a tea break of 10 minutes in the middle. 

This Puja normally takes place on or near the 29th of the month.
Cost: Free, you may bring offering offerings for the Puja-Chanted Prayer, (for example flowers, food) (No meat or alcohol please)

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