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The 8 Mahayana Precepts

Eight Mahayana Precepts will be given
on the 15th of each month at 6:30AM. 

Everyone wants to live in a world free from negativity, but how can we actually do this? 

Buddha taught that by training our mind in the inner discipline of self control, we can stop our habitual negativity which is the real source of all our unhappiness and suffering.  By taking and keeping precepts, we will develop the mindfulness needed to successfully accomplish this. 

Mahayana Precepts

Meditation Buddhism IowaThe practice of taking and keeping the eight Mahayana precepts is a special practice of moral discipline that is performed with bodhichitta motivation – the supreme good heart.

The essence of the practice is to take eight precepts – promising to abstain for twenty-four hours from eight actions: (1) killing, (2) stealing, (3) sexual activity, (4) lying, (5) taking intoxicants, (6) eating after lunch, (7) sitting on high or luxurious thrones or seats, and (8) wearing ornaments, perfume, etc, and singing and dancing and so forth  – and to keep them purely for this period of time.

By doing this practice again and again, we acquaint ourself with the practice of moral discipline and thereby make our human life meaningful.

We first need to receive these precepts from a qualified Preceptor, and then we can take them on our own as often as we wish.  We engage in the practice in conjunction with the prayer booklet, A Pure Life which contains a clear explanation of why we abstain from these eight activities.

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Date:  15th of Each Month at 6:30AM
Location: Lamrim Kadampa Buddhist Center 
Address: 502 West 3rd Street, 2nd Floor , Davenport, IA (Entrance on Scott Street) 
Cost: Free
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