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Vajrasattva RETREAT

"Understanding Negative Karma and How to Purify It" Workshop
Saturday, July 15, 2017
First Session 10am-11am
2nd Session 11:20am-12:20pm
Lunch:  12:20-1:20pm
3rd Session:  1:20-2:00pm
4th Session:  2:15-3:00pm

All our problems and suffering arise from our negative Karma due to our previous negative actions.
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In this and previous lives we accumulated a lot of negative karma through performing negative actions of body, speech and mind. As a result we now experience mental and physical pain and suffering, the inability to fulfill our wishes or to make progress in our spiritual development.

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso explains that every single action of body, speech and mind is a cause, and all our experiences are the effects. We are certain to experience the results of our actions. Fortunately, we are not “stuck” with our karma, there are practices we can do to purify our negative actions.

If we do not purify all this negativity while we have the chance, we will have to experience great suffering in the future.
Any living being, even a worm or an insect, can commit negative actions; but only humans have the fortune to be able to purify them.
We have been accumulating non-virtuous actions and experiencing their suffering results since beginningless time; but now we have an opportunity to purify them completely.
We should make use of this precious opportunity to purify our negative karma, not to create more!
Since purification is the root of future happiness and spiritual realizations, we should strive to cleanse our mind of delusions and negative karma by practicing the meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva. This is a very powerful method of purification.
In these Retreat sessions we will do the Practice of Meditation and Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva, a very powerful method for purifying our negative karma.
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Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of the sessions!
Retreat Costs:  $5 per session or $15 for entire retreat includes a light vegetarian lunch. 


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